Before Treatment

The first step to receiving a Laser Lipo treatment is to book a consultation.  You will meet with one of our certified Laser Lipo Works technicians to complete a medical questionnaire and consent forms.  You will discuss your specific body goals, which treatment/areas will help you reach your goals, and book your treatments accordingly.  You will then weigh in and be measured according to which areas you will have treated. These will be recorded and added to your profile along with before photos.

During Treatment

Laser Lipo treatments are non-invasive, pain free and have no downtime.  Your treatment will take about an hour and you will see IMMEDIATE results.  You may feel the urge to go to the restroom, however this is totally normal and a sign that your lymphatic system has been activated to begin flushing out the toxins.  Just let your technician know so you can resume treatment after you relieve yourself.

After Treatment

Immediately after your treatment you will weigh in and be measured on the same areas (you were treated) to give your projected loss of inches, as well as after photos.  Your Laser Lipo Works technician will give you specific aftercare instructions according to your treatment/area choice.  Last but not least you will be astonished at your immediate loss and be a step closer to meeting your body goals!

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