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Most moms nowadays use foods as a bargaining tool for their children to do homework, clean their room, etc. Instead of using food to either punish or reward your children, make choices based on overall health. Food choices that are consistently healthy become beneficial for everyone in the long run, and they can still be tasty. Sure it makes sense to pop in some tasty treats from time to time, but they don’t have to be full of sugar. Quick tip, take time to plan meals on the weekend for the upcoming week.

Another way for moms to make it easier for themselves is to cook the same meal for everyone. No more making different meals for the teens, toddlers, & baby. Just keep it simple and find a meal that will appease everybody at the same time. At first this may seem like a task, but after some practice it becomes second nature like everything else. Meals balanced with satisfying carbs and nutritious vegetables are sure to keep you full while providing good nutrition. Although there are many things you have to do throughout the day, keep dinner simple, so there is still time for family.


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