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10 Reasons Why Laser Lipo Works!

Laser Lipo treatments are becoming a more and more popular way to directly target stubborn, unwanted fatty areas.  However, there are still some who remain skeptical of whether these treatments are really effective.  Lets explore the top 10 reasons why Laser Lipo Works. 1.  NO PAIN A typical laser lipo session will be very relaxing [...]

10 Reasons Why Laser Lipo Works!2020-01-24T19:52:42-05:00

How to get rid of Cellulite, Stretch Marks and Loose Skin

Laser Lipo Works: EVERY MOM NEEDS TO KNOW Whether you are a new or seasoned mommy, in the beginning, middle or end of your weight-loss journey, chances are you have experienced first hand issues with cellulite, stretch marks or loose/saggy skin. These conditions most commonly begin with rapid weight gain/loss (example: pregnancy).  Though these issues [...]

How to get rid of Cellulite, Stretch Marks and Loose Skin2020-01-19T18:10:52-05:00

Laser Lipo Works Secrets Revealed!

Laser Lipo Works wants to share a secret with you today!  Did you know that your unwanted stubborn fatty areas may contain toxins? The most common unwanted stubborn fatty areas are the tummy, thighs, back and arms.  When you eat junk food you are literally feeding your fat cells more toxins.  That fat containing stored [...]

Laser Lipo Works Secrets Revealed!2020-01-19T17:50:40-05:00

Laser Lipo VS. Plastic surgery

Laser lipo is a non invasive treatment that is given to the surface of your skin to delete subcutaneous and visceral fat.  The dead fat cells are excreted thru your natural body processes.  Some would consider this to be a safer route to enhancing your body because it is non invasive, but what most people [...]

Laser Lipo VS. Plastic surgery2020-01-19T17:50:08-05:00

What should I expect before, during and after a Laser Lipo treatment?

Before Treatment The first step to receiving a Laser Lipo treatment is to book a consultation.  You will meet with one of our certified Laser Lipo Works technicians to complete a medical questionnaire and consent forms.  You will discuss your specific body goals, which treatment/areas will help you reach your goals, and book your [...]

What should I expect before, during and after a Laser Lipo treatment?2020-01-21T17:25:48-05:00

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